Rebooting the website

My own website has been somewhat neglected after the latest spamhack, but I have finally found the time for a full cleanup. It’s been a while since I changed from shared hosting to a VPS solution with Dreamhost, which seems to have worked well for security issues. Now I exported the content of the old website, reinstalled WordPress from scratch, hardened the install as much as possible, and imported the old contents with a new theme. I know several other scholars who use the same theme (Basic Maths), but I have at tweaked it quite a lot for looks and functionality.

More importantly, I plan to do more writing around here, partly by following some advice from Jason Heppler – “Give yourself permission to write poorly” – and partly by pulling in some content from the other places around the web where I write. I also want to include more photography (Instagram counts!). So, this site will become somewhat of a hub for my online activities.

Anyway, let me know if you come across any issues with the new install!