Umeå University Research Blogger

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I am blogging at Umeå University’s official Researcher Blog this and next week. The university has been running this blog as an experiment the last half year, and will evaluate the experiment soon. Every other week, a new blogger takes over, rotating between the four Faculties at the university. Most of the bloggers have posted three times a week, giving readers a glimpse into their everyday work and the fields they work within.

I have decided to focus on exploring the idea of the Anthropocene in my posts, seen mostly from the perspective of the environmental humanities. Here are links to my post (will be updated):

25.03.13: The Anthropocene by candlelight.
27.03.13: “Try this, it’s natural”: On eating in the Anthropocene.
31.03.13: The new natures of the Anthropocene.
03.04.13: The digital natures of the Anthropocene.
05.04.13: Neanderthal nostalgia.