Update: Merited Teacher

In April 2016, Umeå University named me a Merited Teacher – I was one out of two teachers in this category from the Faculty of Arts in this round (the other was my good colleague Jenny Eklöf). Umeå University has now had three rounds in their new pedagogical qualification system, which recognized skilled and experienced teachers in two tiers – merited and excellent teacher. Candidates submit their pedagogical portfolio for a thorough evaluation by two outside expert reviewers. In practice, it doesn’t mean all that much, even though it is nice to be recognized. We also get a small raise in salary, and the department also gets a small one-time bonus that should ideally be used for pedagogical development.

I have been invited to organize some kind of pedagogical event or initiative with the 25,000 SEK that came with the merited teacher status, and plan to do something in the late fall.

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