The Environmental Humanities movie(star)

Last year, at the NIES Environmental Humanities symposium at Sigtuna, I was interviewed for an environmental humanities movie/multimedia installation, a collaborative work by filmmaker and video artist Peter Norrman, writer and researcher Steven Hartman (leader of NIES at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) and the designer and director Anders Birgersson (founder of the Zoo People media collective). I got to see an early version before my interview, where all kinds of senior scholars in the field (David Nye, Donald Worster, and Ursula Heise, among others) got to talk about the environmental humanities. And then it was my turn… I have not seen the result, but these two pictures are from the NIES meeting in Iceland in May.

Supposedly saying smart things (photo by Dolly Jørgensen).
When I do this with my hands, it looks like I’m saying something important (photo by Christian Hummelsund Voie).

Oh, and here is a 41-minute version of the pilot installation that I got to see – it’s made for three screens, which makes a bit difficult to put on a standard online video:

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