SHOT and Takei in Boston, MA

The spring Executive Council meeting of the Society for the History of Technology took me to Boston in April, and it turned out to be a very enjoyable stay. This was my first time in Boston, so I got to see the MIT campus (where the SHOT EC met), meet up with old friends from Charlottesville, unexpectedly run into a former colleague at Harvard Square (and then getting a tour of the library stacks and of the Harvard Business School, where he is a postdoc), talk to Matthew Battles at metaLAB, have Hanna Rose Shell give me a guided tour of Boston, see George Takei give a plenary talk at the 2012 Conference of the National Popular Culture & American Culture Association (I paid guest fees just for this!), and have dinner with Lisa Swanstrom just days before she was coming to Umeå for the Science Fiction Across Media workshop I arranged. A packed visit, for sure, but of the best kind.

It will certainly not be my last time in Boston!

The Stata Center, MIT
George Takei!

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