Modernizing Rural Landscapes in Pori and Reposaari, Finland

I was invited to teach at a PhD workshop on “Modernization of Rural Landscapes” and to give a keynote at a public seminar titled “Maaseutumaisema modernisaation kourissa” in Pori, Finland in December. The workshop took place in a small research station on the island of Reposaari just outside of Pori. Pori seems to me like the Detroit of Finland, a heavily industrialized place that was hit hard by the recession that hit Finland in the 1990s. This was also visible in the island of Reposaari, where many workers used to live. Some still lived here, but the average age was getting rather high. Some new leisure cabins had been built, but the island was pretty dead in the winter (see the pictures below).

My keynote was titled “The Norwegian Leisure Cabin and the Infrastructure of Nature,” discussing how Norwegian nature was discovered and make accessible through the development of particular kinds of leisure infrastructure.

Map of the region
Leisure cabins and shipyards
Not a whole lot of traffic

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